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Leading provider of wastewater asset management solutions




RedZone Robotics is the leading provider of wastewater asset management solutions.

Our specialized robots gather the most robust data about system condition, and our proprietary software delivers clear, detailed reports that identify what’s critical, today and for the future.

RedZone in Action: Prioritizing Sewer Repair and Replacement in Fort Worth

The Challenge

The city of Fort Worth, Texas needed to assess the condition of more than 260 miles of large-diameter interceptor sewers so it could determine which ones most urgently needed to be repaired or replaced.

The Solution

RedZone Robotics used a combination of high definition CCTV, sonar, and laser technology to create a three-dimensional model of the pipeline, making it possible to repair, clean, or replace only those segments in the worst condition, instead of the entire interceptor system.


RedZone serves customers around the globe, spanning large and small municipalities and agencies, as well as regional and national engineering firms.

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Save 30% of cost by inspecting 100% of your network, but only cleaning the 20% which requires cleaning.

A city with 200,000 ft of pipeline undertaking their first “inspect-to-clean” project would save $100,000.

A study of 7 cities (a 2 million foot data set) found only 20% of systems were significantly obstructed and 75% of pipes require no cleaning.

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RedZone Technology and Services


Our leading-edge products collect all the data for your system and provide the asset management, decision-support software to make that data useful.
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ICOM® provides integrated inspection, maintenance and asset management solutions for advanced planning and prioritizing of inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment activities.
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Inspection services

RedZone’s advanced pipeline assessment technology provides organizations with the knowledge and decision-making capabilities to successfully and proactively manage a collection system.
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Proven Experience

70+ million

feet of sewer pipe inspected

12 million

feet of MSI information processed


countries served worldwide


RedZone Robotics Begins Wastewater Management Inspections in Fairfax County Viriginia

RedZone Robotics Begins Wastewater Management Inspections in Fairfax County Viriginia

April 17, 2020
News & Events

RedZone Robotics will inspect 3,000 miles of pipes that make up Fairfax County’s wastewater management system.

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Come meet RedZone Robotics at WEFTEC 2019

Come meet RedZone Robotics at WEFTEC 2019

September 12, 2019
News & Events

We’ll be sharing our latest news, including our expanded team of regional RedZone representatives, plus recent examples of RedZone in action and how our solutions have benefited clients. See you in Chicago

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