Profiler - Ovality Software

Snap On Lasers

Industry leading snap-on lasers provide ovality profiling measurements to enhance the information gathered by many of the most popular CCTV cameras.

With systems sold in 43 countries, the self analysis software has been translated into 10 languages. The process provides valuable ovality information that gives engineers, owners or contractors highly accurate measurements and warnings of potential failures before they happen due to compromised structural integrity.Used around the world for pre-adoption surveys of flexible pipes, the data collected quantitively proves installation to the manufacturers specifications.Using the system to highlight areas of concern or failure helps to prevent costly repairs or reinstallation at the owners expense in the future.

SnapOn equipment connects to most major brands of CCTV crawlers, please contact RedZone for further information.


Reports - Ovality Line Graph, Topographical Flat Graph, Median Diameter, Min/Max Diameter, True Diameter, Capacity

Exports - CSV, STL


  • Able to be deployed autonomously
  • Long deployment capabilities
  • MSI data that can be stored and analyzed across a variety of asset management systems including ICOM3
  • 5 times more efficient (based on daily data quantities) than standard CCTV capture.


Full Install - 6.3.0 - Download

Please uninstall all other Profiler software from your machine prior to installing