SuperMD Profiler

Expertly Inspect Large Interceptors and Tunnels

Industry Leading MSI Technology

RedZone has pioneered the industry with a suite of multi-sensor inspection (MSI) products designed for large interceptors and tunnels. MSI data quantifies critical problems, like corrosion and debris levels, that traditional, visual-only CCTV inspection cannot detect.

Super MD Profiler

Accurate Corrosion and Debris Mapping

  • Long distance deployment runs of up to 10,000 feet / 3,000 meters
  • Full 360° virtual pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Laser/Sonar topographical graphs
pipe/manwaterlevelmin access

Reaching the Unreachable

Interceptors, some of the most difficult areas of a system to access, are the backbone of any city’s sewer infrastructure. They are also the most expensive to clean, maintain, and rehabilitate and present the highest consequence of failure within any system, which is why they demand proactive maintenance and management. That’s why RedZone created inspection robots like the SuperMD Profiler. This unit can traverse through assets that most conventional crawlers cannot, making it the perfect tool to address essential interceptors and other hard to reach areas.

Super MD Profiler

The SuperMD is engineered to inspect wastewater system interceptors.

Get the Full Picture of Your Underground Assets

The RedZone SuperMD Profiler system is a second generation inspection technology that gives you the full picture of your 36-125 inch underground assets. This industry leading assessment equipment combines laser and sonar profiling with a high resolution virtual pan, tilt, and zoom camera. The system provides both quantified measurement data and HD quality images of the internal condition of the pipeline.

Super MD Profiler

The Super MD combines laser and sonar data to create a complete picture of your system.

Efficiently Prioritize Your Limited Resources With MSI

Often, a picture alone does not tell the whole story, which is why RedZone pioneered multi-sensor inspection (MSI) technology. MSI combines conventional CCTV with advanced synchronized laser and sonar dimension information. This unique, full 360° quantitative view of your pipeline can help to pinpoint the lines in your system that require immediate attention, thanks to accurate measurements of corrosion, debris, and ovality.

Platform Specifications


  • Laser, Sonar, CCTV- Virtual Pan/Tilt/Zoom


  • Transportation: Floating platform
  • Pipe Size: 36-125 in (915-3200 mm)
  • Min. Flow: 15 in (380 mm) 
  • Min. Air Gap: 20 in (500 mm)
  • WiFi Connectivity: Dependent on pipeline conditions


  • Corrosion, Debris, Flow Height, Pipe Size, Ovality
Super MD Profiler Platform Specs

What Customers Are Saying

With RedZone’s proven MSI technology, the Fort Worth Water Department has saved $2.9 million in large diameter cleaning cost to date. It is estimated that the ICAP (Interceptor Condition Assessment Program) methodology of “inspect-to-clean” will result in a savings of $15.2 million in cleaning costs over the six year program.

Darrell Gadberry, Collections System Manager, Fort Worth Water Department

The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods, now took only 15 months

Stephen Hogan, Peachtree Water & Sewerage Authority

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