Rapid deployment sewer inspection for small diameter pipelines

This small robot has a huge impact.

SOLO® is the world’s first truly unmanned sewer inspection robot and is radically changing the way collection system managers approach operations and management. Typical daily production rates far outpace conventional methods. With SOLO you never miss a defect. Field operator variability is eliminated as a factor influencing data quality. Video captured by SOLO allows the viewer to pan, tilt, and zoom an entire pipe segment 360 degrees from a PC, in a controlled environment. Reports can be generated offline without requiring a certified operator to deploy the equipment

RedZone’s SOLO is the world’s first autonomous inspection robot.

RedZone’s SOLO is the world’s first autonomous inspection robot.

One small unit deployed as a fleet

  • 3,000 feet per day, per deployment crew, utilizing multiple robots
  • 5x inspection throughput versus conventional CCTV full 360° virtual pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Minimal traffic disruption
pipe/manwaterlevelmin access

Efficient Inspection

A single crew constantly deploys and retrieves SOLOs while up to four inspections are conducted simultaneously. Significantly higher and more predictable throughput is the result. RedZone’s SOLO platform provides a highly efficient, cost effective and versatile way to inspect 200-millimeter to 300-millimeter / 8-inch to 12-inch pipelines. Compact, easy to deploy in any location accessible by an operator on foot, allows access to manholes traditional vehicle based CCTV can not.


Up to four inspections can be conducted simultaneously using RedZone’s SOLO Platform.

Rapid Deployment

With deployments taking 10-15 minutes from arrival on site to closing the manhole once the unit has been launched, the SOLO decreases the requirement for traffic management and disruption. Once launched the SOLO will autonomously traverse the pipeline, and onboard sensors ensure that the unit can safely progress. If a blockage or obstruction is found, the unit will make three attempts to get past prior to returning to the launch site. Upon reaching the end of the pipe, SOLO will automatically return to the original site for collection and redeployment.

Rapid deployment of the SOLO minimizes traffic interruption.

Best Solution for Restricted Access

Small and autonomous, SOLO is capable of inspecting long pipelines and distant bends from a single point of access. This allows data to be collected from areas beyond what traditional inspection methods could reach.


SOLO can access pipes as small as 8 inches in diameter

Superior CCTV Inspection

RedZone's SOLO provides superior, 360 degree CCTV footage with pan, tilt, and zoom.

Solo Front view

Front View

Solo Rear View

Rear View

Platform Specifications


  • CCTV - Virtual pan, tilt, and zoom


  • Transportation: Tracked platform
  • Pipe Size: 8-12 in (200-300 mm)
  • Min. Flow: No flow (Tracked platform)
  • WiFi Connectivity: At manhole


Solo Platform Specs

What Customers Are Saying

With RedZone’s proven MSI technology, the Fort Worth Water Department has saved $2.9 million in large diameter cleaning cost to date. It is estimated that the ICAP (Interceptor Condition Assessment Program) methodology of “inspect-to-clean” will result in a savings of $15.2 million in cleaning costs over the six year program.

Darrell Gadberry, Collections System Manager, Fort Worth Water Department

The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods, now took only 15 months

Stephen Hogan, Peachtree Water & Sewerage Authority

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