SnapOn Profiler

Customize Your Inspection Solution

Enhance Your Data

Industry leading SnapOn lasers provide ovality profiling measurements to enhance the information gathered by many of the most popular CCTV cameras. Simply attach the laser to the crawler, your camera collects and records the laser projected on the pipe wall. The software then digitizes the pipeline condition, presenting the previously unseen, unquantifiable deformation in easy to read and understand reports.

These systems provide valuable ovality profiling that gives engineers and owners independently certified measurements to warn of potential structural integrity failures before they happen.

SnapOn Lasers

RedZone’s SnapOn Lasers can be attached to most CCTV cameras

Universally Compatible

With over 500 systems sold in 43 countries, RedZone's SnapOn lasers attach to most industry leading CCTV cameras and the deployment software has been translated into 10 languages.


  • Supports the Profiler® platform devices
  • Certified accuracy
  • User Generated Reports - Ovality Line Graph, Topographical Flat Graph, Median Diameter, Min/Max Diameter, True Diameter, Capacity
  • Exports - CSV, STL


  • Easy ovality profiling
  • Gathers data that can be stored and analyzed across a variety of asset management systems including ICOM®



Data Sheets

What Customers Are Saying

With RedZone’s proven MSI technology, the Fort Worth Water Department has saved $2.9 million in large diameter cleaning cost to date. It is estimated that the ICAP (Interceptor Condition Assessment Program) methodology of “inspect-to-clean” will result in a savings of $15.2 million in cleaning costs over the six year program.

Darrell Gadberry, Collections System Manager, Fort Worth Water Department

The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods, now took only 15 months

Stephen Hogan, Peachtree Water & Sewerage Authority

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