Why RedZone?

Innovative Solutions to Wastewater Collection System Challenges

Custom Solutions for Your System and Organization

As both a manufacturer and service provider, RedZone offers flexible purchase, lease, and service options that allow municipalities, authorities, and engineering firms to plan standard or unique programs that match their systems and their budgets.  

RedZone’s tailored inspection service and software packages provide owners and operators the essential information for dealing with daily operational challenges. Specialty reports help engineers design and plan rehabilitation projects in a way never before possible. To initiate your next project, simply provide the scope, size, and time frame.

Pipeline inspection technician deploying robotic equipment

Stuck With a Challenge? RedZone It.

The pipes and components of a city’s wastewater systems are challenging to manage. Systems are complex and vulnerable to many disruptions. All too often you don’t know there’s a problem until it’s too late. You need information to assess and understand the state of your total system so you can find and address issues before they become major problems.

To efficiently plan maintenance and avoid capacity restrictions and failures, you need complete, detailed, actionable data on the state of the total system — information that shows where potential issues are so you can prioritize limited resources and budgets. RedZone Robotics brings that information to you.

Use Case: Interceptor Condition Assessment Program

Through condition scoring, the data provided by RedZone's technology discovered that pipe age and material are not necessarily accurate indicators of condition. This resulted in reduced spending and enhanced understanding of the state of the Fort Worth sewer system.

  • Scale: 260 miles of large diameter interceptor sewers
  • Savings: $6.86 million cleaning cost reduction
  • ROI: $26 million in CIP savings

Superior Data and Greater Return On Investment

Our advanced technology is more cost-effective, safe, and reliable than any other solution on the market. Our specialized robots gather the most robust data about system condition, and our proprietary software delivers clear, detailed reports that pinpoint what’s critical, today and for the future.

Our methods avoid the traditional inspection limitations and inaccuracies while saving on cost. RedZone robots are able to gather robust information about pipes in the widest range of sizes, without requiring them to be cleaned first, through remote operation. That means operators stay safer, the amount of time to run assessments is reduced, and the full system can be measured and mapped with accuracy.

Case Study: Inspect-to-Clean Versus Clean-to-Inspect

A study of 7 cities (a 2 million foot data set) found only 20% of the systems were significantly obstructed and 75% of pipes required no cleaning. A city with 200,000 feet of pipeline undertaking their first “inspect-to-clean” project would save $100,000 over the cost of a “clean-to-inspect” project.

  • Inspect 100% of the system
  • Clean the 20% significantly obstructed
  • Save 30% of cost vs. clean-to-inspect methods ($100,000 for a 200,000 foot system)

RedZone Robotics: Pioneers and Problem-Solvers

Rapid Assessment

Unlike the traditional clean-to-inspect method of pipeline assessment, RedZone’s advanced inspect-to-clean approach saves you time and money by providing actionable data at rapid speed.


As the industry pioneer in large-diameter pipe inspection and the developer of the first truly autonomous inspection robot, RedZone is a trusted solutions provider with a reputation of experience and success.

Data Collection and Presentation

At RedZone, we use our pioneering, synchronized, multi-sensor inspection technology to provide you with a complete profile of your entire wastewater system. Our multi-sensor specialty reports present your data clearly, helping you effectively plan maintenance and rehabilitation projects.

Backed By a Talented Team of Engineers

RedZone is a team of problem solvers. 40% of our workforce is made up of engineers, and we have an eye toward efficiency, practicality, and innovation. This means we’re uniquely qualified to provide you with the most complete data set, and present it in a way that is useful and insightful.

It's Your Data, Presented How You Want It

RedZone offers a variety of custom reporting options so that you can have control over how your data is presented. Plus, you can view and analyze the data in whatever software analysis you prefer. Whatever software or database you use, you can be sure that RedZone data is compatible. It’s your data and you are in control of it.

What Customers Are Saying

With RedZone’s proven MSI technology, the Fort Worth Water Department has saved $2.9 million in large diameter cleaning cost to date. It is estimated that the ICAP (Interceptor Condition Assessment Program) methodology of “inspect-to-clean” will result in a savings of $15.2 million in cleaning costs over the six year program.

Darrell Gadberry, Collections System Manager, Fort Worth Water Department

The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods, now took only 15 months

Stephen Hogan, Peachtree Water & Sewerage Authority

For more information on RedZone's technology or services, contact your local RedZone representative.