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The Original Multi-Sensor Inspection Providers.

As a leader and innovator in advanced pipeline assessment, RedZone Robotics pioneered inspection for wastewater collection systems. The industry demanded robotic platforms providing highly advanced data to analyze aging infrastructure, and RedZone met this challenge with multi-sensor inspection technology, known as MSI. MSI uses synchronized digital CCTV, laser profiling, and sonar to provide a complete profile of critical pipes.

Responder, and Profiler suite, RedZone’s mid and large diameter inspection platforms, are ideal for both the size and the demanding conditions associated with larger pipes. The results obtained from MSI offerings have enabled wastewater managers and engineers to obtain a truer picture of their system, and thereby make significantly better decisions about the maintenance of critical, main pipes.

The Solo platform is an autonomous robot that provides a highly efficient, cost effective, and versatile way to inspect the abundant quantity of 200mm-300mm/8"-12" pipes that are part of all collection systems. Solo is compact, lightweight, and easily deployed in any location accessible by a technician, allowing you to access manholes that a traditional truck-based CCTV platform can not.

All collected data is processed in accordance with NASSCO, PACP, MACP, and LACP Standards. 

RedZone’s web-based, PACP certified ICOM, Sewer Asset Management program gathers past and present collection system information to create a centralized GIS centric database, enabling decision support to budget, plan, and provide work order management. This translates to more cost efficient and effective capital improvement projects, more tightly integrated inspection viewing, and improved prioritization of repairs and maintenance.

RedZone’s advanced pipeline assessment technology provides organizations with the knowledge and decision-making capabilities to successfully and proactively manage a collection system.

As both a manufacturer and service provider, RedZone Robotics can create a custom program solution for any collection system. RedZone offers flexible purchase, lease, and service options that allow municipalities, authorities, and engineering firms to plan standard or unique programs that match their systems and their budgets. 
To initiate a project, simply provide RedZone Robotics with the scope, size, and time frame.

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At RedZone, we believe that managing wastewater assets is about managing data.  We have the leading edge products to get all the data for your system and provide the asset management, decision-support software to make that data useful.

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RedZone’s system wide inspection of Peachtree City’s  850,000 If of pipe sizes 6" through 36", 4,200 manhole, and  lnclusion of 95,000 If of past data. All Information was centralized to ICOM, Sewer Asset Management System.

‘’The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods, now took only 15 months.”      
- Stephen Hogan (Peachtree City Water & Sewerage Authority)

A condition assessment was performed on City of Fort Worth Interceptors utilizing MSI to specifically determine the next phase of rehabilitation.

‘’With RedZone’s proven MSI technology, the FWWD has saved $2.9 million in large diameter cleaning cost to date; it is estimated that the ICAP (Interceptor Condition Assessment Program) methodology of inspect to clean will result in a savings of $15.2 million in cleaning costs over the six year program.”                                                     
- Darrel Gadberry (Collection System Manager, Ft Worth)


Solo Inspection - Utilizing 360° digital CCTV for sizes 8” to 12”

Mid/Large Diameter MSI lnspection - Utilizing  multi-sensor inspection for sizes 15” to 240”+

GPS Identification and Manhole Inspection

ICOM, Sewer Asset Management  integrated with each program offering


  • Able to be deployed autonomously
  • Long deployment capabilities
  • MSI data that can be stored and analyzed across a variety of asset management systems including ICOM3
  • 5 times more efficient (based on daily data quantities) than standard CCTV capture.


YES, Your Entire System program - A complete system wide assessment of the collection system utilizing all equipment and providing multiple payment options.

Annual Programs - Allows for various options depending on specific needs and annual budget

Solo Inspection - Annually scheduled and budgeted project utilizing 360° digital CCTV for sizes 8” to 12”

GPS Identification and Manhole Inspection

Mid/Large Diameter MSI Inspection - Annually scheduled and budgeted project utilizing multi-sensor inspection for sizes 15” to 240“+

ICOM, Sewer Asset Management integrated with each program offering.


Ideal in dry or partially full pipes  Autonomous inspection  360 degree video

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Laser/Sonar Profiling  Long Distance deployments

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Fully surcharged pipes  Underwater condition assessment

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Laser Profiling,  Sonar, Wide Angle Video  Long distance deployments

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3D Lidar, Sonar, CCTV  Premium Engineering Reports  Mobility in harshest conditions

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