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RedZone Robotics Begins Wastewater Management Inspections in Fairfax County Viriginia

April 17, 2020

RedZone Robotics technicians deploy sewer inspection drones in Fairfax, Virginia
Photo by Susan Laume/ The Connection

In recent weeks, RedZone Robotics has begun inspecting the Pohick Stream Valley as part of ongoing inspections throughout Fairfax County, Virginia. RedZone will use closed circuit television cameras, along with laser and sonar tools to inspect Fairfax County’s wastewater management system. The system is made up of 3,000 miles of pipe that RedZone's MSI robot will traverse in order to gather data and assess the system before any maintenance work is completed. This "inspect-to-clean" approach allows RedZone to identify and classify areas of the system that may require work, as well as level of urgency surrounding needed repairs. Performing the inspection phase prior to performing any maintenance allows cities like Fairfax to keep costs low and plan maintenance schedules with optimum efficiency.

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