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Decision Support

  • ICOM includes advanced planning, prioritization, and budgeting tools to help make defensible, fact based decisions on how to manage your limited funds and resources, ICOM factors in all key sources of information to help you evaluate your asset’s risk and criticality, allowing you to prioritize your efforts and spending where they are most needed.

Configurable to Meet Your Needs

  • ICOM incorporates advanced configuration and reporting engines that enable you to produce the forms, graphs, charts, and reports you need to ensure that you are effectively working toward your performance goals. The reports are highly configurable, and additional reports can be dynamically added.

Easy Deployment and Access to Information

  •  ICOM operates over the internet, allowing users in various locations to share data and better coordinate activities. ICOM enables mobile crews to log in to the application throughout the day and synchronize their information. The web hosting ensures that you can access your information from anywhere and simplifies the installation and IT overhead.