Company Milestones

Evolution of an Innovator: Milestones in History of RedZone Robotics

1987  RedZone founded with a commercial focus on condition assessment robots in support of mining, nuclear and other industries.

2004  Working with City of Pittsburgh, company invents Responder platform to investigate large pipes and conducts the first MSI Multi Sensor Inspections in the industry.   The Company subsequently commits to focus exclusively on wastewater solutions.

2009  The company acquires ICOM3 software company, positioning for leadership in the space of wastewater asset management.

2009  RedZone completes successful commercial launch of Solo autonomous inspection robot. The unmanned, autonomous Solo represents a global, industry first

2010  RedZone’s Solo identified by Popular Science as one of top new technologies to help transform America’s crumbling infrastructure

2011  The company completes a milestone acquisition of CleanFlow systems out of New Zealand, its largest competitor, which also opens up the global market and creates a clear-cut global market leader in large-pipe condition assessment.

2011  RedZone commercially introduces the revolutionary Y.E.S. Your Entire System Program

2012  RedZone brings ABS Capital and FourWinds as investment partners.

2013  The company introduces a new MSI Platform to scale the synchronized solution set of laser, sonar and CCTV down to 15” pipes.

2014  RedZone announces strategic partnership with Oracle corporation. The alliance creates a co-branding of the Y.E.S. Program that both companies will market to large municipalities, agencies and authorities.

2014  The Company signs on a national network of high end rep firms to create nation-wide US sales coverage for the purpose of promoting the market leading solutions and products.

2015  Surpass 5,000,000 feet of MSI processing

2017  Mantis project for Exxon

2017  Releases protoype nano solo at WEFTEC


At RedZone, we believe that managing wastewater assets is about managing data.  We have the leading edge products to get all the data for your system and provide the asset management, decision-support software to make that data useful.

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