About RedZone Robotics

RedZone Robotics offers complete solutions to gather and assess essential information for wastewater systems management. Our specialized robots gather a wide range of actionable data about system condition through multi-sensor inspection (MSI) and rapid data collection tools. Our proprietary analysis and reporting software then processes that data into clear, detailed reports, developed with asset management in mind. We pinpoint key information and provide combined, visual reports that give an unparalleled view into even the most complex systems.

Our robots are uniquely capable of traversing pipes in a range of operational conditions. This allows us to apply an inspect-to-clean method to our assessments, rather than the clean-to-inspect method others use. Performing a thorough inspection without requiring that the entire system be cleaned first allows us to significantly lower the cost of our services -- by 30% according to studies -- and deliver the necessary data as quickly as possible.

RedZone Robotics understands that each wastewater system is unique and constantly changing. That’s why we believe that it is not enough to inspect your pipes only once. The robust data sets that we collect can help you understand and manage dynamic changes in your system over time. This enables us to provide you the highest possible return on your investment.

Company Milestones

2019 The company relocates to its new, built-to-suit office space in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, a northern suburb of Pittsburgh.

2015  RedZone surpasses 5,000,000 feet of multi-sensor inspection (MSI) processing.

2014  RedZone announces its strategic partnership with Oracle corporation. The alliance creates a co-branding of the YES - Your Entire System program that both companies will market to large municipalities, agencies, and authorities.

2013  RedZone introduces a new multi-sensor inspection (MSI) platform to scale the synchronized solution set of laser, sonar, and CCTV down to 15” pipes.

2012  RedZone adds ABS Capital and FourWinds as investment partners.

2011  RedZone commercially introduces the revolutionary YES - Your Entire System program.

2011  RedZone acquires CleanFlow systems, its largest competitor, based in New Zealand, creating a clear-cut global market leader in large pipe condition assessment.

2010  RedZone’s SOLO® is identified by Popular Science as one of the top new technologies to help transform America’s crumbling infrastructure.

2009  RedZone completes a successful commercial launch of SOLO autonomous inspection robot. The use of the unmanned, autonomous SOLO represents a global industry first.

2009  RedZone acquires ICOM3, a software company, positioning the company for leadership in the space of wastewater asset management.

2004  Working with the City of Pittsburgh, RedZone invents the Responder® platform to investigate large pipes and conducts the first multi-sensor inspection (MSI) in the industry. The company subsequently commits to focus exclusively on wastewater solutions.

1999 The Pioneer platform undertakes operations within the damaged reactor at Chernobyl.

1987  RedZone Robotics, Inc. is founded with a commercial focus on condition assessment robots in support of mining, nuclear, and other industries with partners like the US Departments of Energy and Defense, NASA, several major universities, national laboratories, and numerous diverse commercial entities.

RedZone Robotics using cutting-edge technology to inform your wastewater choices. Want to know more about the RedZone advantage?