YES - Your Entire System

Network-Wide Data Collection and Reporting Service

A Fast, Cost-Effective Pathway to Fact-Based Decisions

Featuring RedZone’s proprietary data acquisition robotics and industry leading ICOM® wastewater asset management software, the YES program provides a comprehensive solution that enables asset owners to be proactive in their asset management and execute projects based on complete sets of information.

“The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods now took only 15 months.”

- Stephen Hogan, Peachtree City Water and & Sewage Authority

Providing a Trusted Assessment of the State of Your Network

The YES program provides unprecedented levels of information and access to data. RedZone inspected Peachtree City’s 850,000 linear feet of pipes, sized 6” through 36”, and 4,200 manholes. The collected information was centralized in the ICOM asset management software, along with an additional 95,000 linear feet of historic information. With little interruption to existing projects, RedZone quickly equipped decision makers with tools and baseline measurements to make fact-based decisions to avoid catastrophic failures.

Best Investment Over Time

  • Establish a system of record
  • Accurate baseline understanding
  • Create transparent long term plans
  • Quick data collection speeds
  • Flexible payment terms

Efficient Baseline Data Collection

The YES program begins with the inspection of your entire collection system with unprecedented speed using teams of SOLO® robots and MSI equipment. To manage this data, ICOM software serves as a centralized system of record, layering on top of your existing GIS data to provide map-based views of your assets, as well as their condition and history.

ICOM Helps Prioritize

ICOM helps you prioritize maintenance and rehabilitation projects by providing you with a clear picture of the state of your system.

Asset by Asset Prioritization

Understanding the condition of each pipe is important for prioritizing spending of limited resources. Operations and maintenance resources and budgets should be allocated to the assets with the highest risk of failure. ICOM’s R3 (Repair, Replace, Refurbish) tool helps to weigh these factors and prioritize your spending

A color coded map

A color coded map indicates the remaining useful life of each of your assets.

An Investment in the Life of Your System

Proactive management will help to extend the life of your system. Rehabilitating problems before they turn into failures saves money, reduces risk, and improves the performance of your system.

RedZone can work with you to tailor a payment plan that allows you to pay for a complete YES Program from annual appropriated budgets. These flexible terms include appropriations risk and do not constitute debt.

Investment Life Image

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What Customers Are Saying

With RedZone’s proven MSI technology, the Fort Worth Water Department has saved $2.9 million in large diameter cleaning cost to date. It is estimated that the ICAP (Interceptor Condition Assessment Program) methodology of “inspect-to-clean” will result in a savings of $15.2 million in cleaning costs over the six year program.

Darrell Gadberry, Collections System Manager, Fort Worth Water Department

The data that would have taken us 15 years to gather by conventional televising methods, now took only 15 months

Stephen Hogan, Peachtree Water & Sewerage Authority

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