ICOM3 Asset Management Software

ICOM3℠ hosted software provides a suite of integrated inspection, maintenance, and asset management solutions using advanced planning, prioritizing, and management tools for all inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment activities.

ICOM3 Asset Management Software

Decision Support

To make defensible maintenance and capital planning decisions, one must have direct access to relevant facts and meaningful information in an easy-to-understand format. By aligning routine collection system operations and maintenance activities into an asset program management framework, ICOM3℠ takes the guesswork out of best practices for proactive collection system management.

Easy Access to Needed Information

ICOM3℠ is architected to be deployed as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This means that the application is hosted in a fully managed data center and runs securely over the internet. ICOM3℠ is a true multi-user system enabling any number of simultaneous users to be logged into the application in different geographic locations to collaborate in real time. Due to its advanced architecture, ICOM3℠ can be synchronized for local deployments offline and in the field, and re-synched when internet connections are re-established.

Configurable to Meet Your Needs

ICOM3℠ incorporates advanced configuration and reporting engines that enable you to produce the forms, graphs, charts, and reports you need to ensure that you are effectively working toward your performance goals.
With ICOM3℠ software you have full control over a wealth of information, including multi-sensor inspection (MSI) information, in a seamless closed loop environment that allows you to easily review inspection results and plan follow-up O&M activities. ICOM3℠ is also at the heart of RedZone's Y.E.S. Your Entire System Program, giving you all the information you need, in one place.

ICOM3℠ is PACP Certified.